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Working Hard, Playing Hard, Always Growing

The power of a team grows over the years. In the case of Twinstar Precast, 8 years of group work and team-building encompass the gamut of skills, co-operation, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and co-ordinated delivery.

Twinstar Precast creates specialised precast products not typically available on the standard market. It even welcomes once-off items. What is important to you, the builder, and the developer is important to the company. "We aim the solve precast problems, especially in the civils construction market," explains MD Annemerie Coetzee. "While we never work on assumptions, we know that time and money are always driving our market. We're economical with both from the outset, building time- and money-efficiency into our design, our delivery, and assembly."

Twinstar checks and double-check that the design, function, and concept of its products have been understood. As Ms. Coetzee points out, clients often find themselves in uncharted territory when making their first specialised precast orders. "First my team and I listen intently not just to what's being said, but to the function and aesthetic driving the project. Arriving at a final solution that will work entails processes which we need to master in each situation for each client."

Our Experts

Annemerie Coetzee


Andre Claassens

Production Manager

Building Products, Building Business

Building a successful precast business, be it focused on mass production, specialised products, or a combination of these, is fraught with challenges. Most of the early risk falls on the business-owner. "The Intensity of the work engages the whole team so closely in our work that we have to find ways of pulling back evaluating and letting our more creative responses in, "says Coetzee. "We recognised this early on and it seemed that our passion for off-road rallies might well be the thing to bing the Twinstar team together and reap the benefits of simpy having fun."

Rallying The Troops

Coetzee is the navigator in her rally car and says that the speed and challenges being experienced simply eliminate all work-related concerns. The moment is all there is. For a team whose product is in the detail, the need to let go of the constant, intense concentration and cognitive dominance is all the more important: "Instinct, gut reactions, inspiration, and letting go all come into play in achieving our goals. However, our team needs this freedom, off-site, to engage that part of themselves and bring that experience to the factory floor."

Finding solutions is the most creative thing anyone can do. It requires a precise balance between instinct and analysis which daily working life does not easily accommodate. That is why this sort of team activity is a direct investment in both the well-being of every participant and in developing the objectives of the company.

The benefits are truly shared and go beyond the obvious. "Any successful article has years of discipline driving each spontaneous brushstroke, each masterful piano concerto passage. There's no shortcut to acquiring skills. However, once in motion, you get the best out of people by letting go. When our team members have the opportunity to get the benefit of fun, focus, and instinct, I see the wonderful newness in their ideas and creative approach to meeting our challenges. And it pays off," says Coetzee.

"What's the vest assembly solution to an outsized product? Can we imagine a different approach to molding a particular design? What if we did it in sections? What if there were a material or an admixture that allowed us to mould an extract with no fear og breakage or compromise? These questions are always on our minds."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have branches?

No, our only branch is in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng

Can I order only one item?

Yes, we accept any number of orders. Even once off items.

Can I order only one custom product

Yes, we are ready to handle any custom order. 

Can I get a quote?

E-Mail your request with drawings or dimensions to us. Please include company detail quantity required and delivery address in your request.

Can I order a custom product?

Yes. Twinstar specializes in custom precast concrete products. 

What is your lead time on orders?

Lead time depends on the product and quantity ordered and will be confirmed at quote stage.

Can I supply my own cast-in items?

Yes, you can supply lids, grids, vents etc for us to cast into you product.

Do you have card facilities for payment?

Unfortunately we do not have card facilities. We accept Cash, but prefer EFT payments

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