Precast Markers


At Twinstar, we manufacture Precast Concrete Markers in any shape and size.

Due to the huge variety of markers needed in the Industry, we offer

  • Standard Council Specification Markers
  • Plain Concrete Markers
  • Markers fitted with Stainless Steel Plates
  • Markers with Stainless Steel Plates & Laser Engraving
  • Markers with lettering casted in the concrete

These options can be one-sided or on both sides of the marker.

Our Experts

Annemerie Coetzee


Andre Claassens

Production Manager

Valve Marker

915 Marker with Paint

Electrical Service Marker

Eskom Electrical Marker Block

General Marker available with any Lettering


Marker 2

Optic Marker 120 x 120 - Copy

Optic Markers 1200

Pipeline Markers

Service Kerb Markers

Service Marker with Plate

Utility Markers with Plates

Water Line Marker

Water Markers

915 High Markers available with Plates & Engraving

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have branches?

No, our only branch is in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng

Can I order only one item?

Yes, we accept any number of orders. Even once off items.

Can I order only one custom product?

Yes, we are ready to handle any custom order. 

Can I get a quote?

E-Mail your request with drawings or dimensions to us. Please include company detail quantity required and delivery address in your request.

Can I order a custom product?

Yes. Twinstar specializes in custom precast concrete products. 

What is your lead time on orders?

Lead time depends on the product and quantity ordered and will be confirmed at quote stage.

Can I supply my own cast-in items?

Yes, you can supply lids, grids, vents etc for us to cast into you product.

Do you have card facilities for payment?

Unfortunately we do not have card facilities. We accept Cash, but prefer EFT payments

Are you registered on the Central Supplier Database?

Yes – Registration Number MAAA0946926