Your go-to problem solver for those difficult, once-off jobs that make civil engineering & construction challenging


    With 26 Years of experience in the Precast Industry, owner-operator Annemerie Coetzee, realized that there is a gap in the Precast concrete market for custom-made products and once-off items.

    In the Concrete Pipe and Manhole market for example, the emphasis is on high volumes, and the effort and time required to design and build once-off moulds for non–standard products disrupts any normal well-oiled production line, and in addition requires additional skills and supervision.

    This makes custom-made, one-off product manufacture an unprofitable business for mainstream, high volume operations. On the other side not all building contractors have the necessary expertise, manpower and facilities to manufacture such products on site.


    TWINSTAR PRECAST was founded in 2014 with the express aim of assisting specifying Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering Contractors with complicated sites and situations where currently available Precast Concrete Products just won’t work.

    TWINSTAR PRECAST strives to be the problem solver, and are solution driven in all aspects of precast concrete. With products ranging in weight from 2 kgs up to 6 tons, they are capable of solving almost all precast problems and turning nightmare requirements into a quick and affordable solution.

    To date it is the only company in SA specializing only in custom-made and one-off precast concrete products, only keeping a few fast-moving products in stock which are standard spec in tenders and drawings. Companies who previously made them have either stopped or have closed down.


    TWINSTAR PRECAST’s manufacturing facility is situated in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng, but deliver anywhere in South Africa.

    Our crane mounted trucks can offload the product directly on site. The company also offers a service where the crane mounted trucks can assist with placing of slabs during installation.


    It has a unique relationship with the mainstream Precast Concrete companies who pass on referrals, and use TWINSTAR to supply certain non-standard products in order to keep their clients happy. As far as possible it uses small local suppliers rather than large corporate companies, and SMME’s for transporting our products. Marketing is mostly online, but direct contact is made with specifying engineers to make them aware that the need for custom-made products can be met.


    In 2016 TWINSTAR PRECAST assisted a client in successfully closing old mineshafts in Gauteng which have previously been closed on numerous occasions but could not withstand vandalism, and were rife with illegal mining activities. These mineshaft slabs are still intact, and no illegal activity has been reported since.

    In 2018 TWINSTAR PRECAST started with the in-house manufacturing of Polymer products. The risk of theft of products with steel and cast iron components increases daily. These Polymer products have no metal components, and also reduces the safety risk of open manholes as well as the financial implication this has on Councils and developers. The company manufactures manhole lids and frames as well as storm water gratings. These components can be bought as a loose item, or casted into the required precast concrete slabs.
    In 2012 Annemerie Coetzee was part of the team who received the CMA award for excellence in innovation for her contribution in the design and development of the bomb proof ATM enclosure.

Expert Design Assistance

We can help you custom design your product to suit your specific precast building requirements.


We manufacture all products to strict quality standards, ensuring all products are free of any defects.

Installation Services

We can assist in installing the products onsite including delivery.


Precast Stormwater Concrete Slabs

Twinstar Precast will cast your Stormwater related slabs to your requirements.

Electrical Precast Plinths and other Installations

We manufacture a wide range of Plinths for Electrical Reticulation and other Electrical installations


At Twinstar, we manufacture Precast Concrete Markers in any shape and size.

Water Reticulation

Twinstar Manufactures various products for water reticulation and installation.


Valve & Hydrant Boxes and Chambers

We manufacture standard valve and Hydrant boxes to Council specifications. Slabs for round valve chambers are casted to client or engineer specifications

Joburg Water Stackable Valve Box Sections

Stackable valve box sections made to customs and municipality specifications.


Twinstar Precast will manufacture any quantity. Even Once Off Items to solve your problems and meet your requirements.

Custom Square & Rectangular Precast Valve Chambers and Coverslabs

Square manhole Chamber Sections are available in 1500 x 1500, 2000 x 2000 ID and 3000 x 2500 OD. Available in 500mm high sections.

Chamber Sections are available in 250 mm, 300mm and 500mm high on these larger sizes

Borehole Pump Protection Enclosures

We manufacture a wide range of Plinths for Electrical Reticulation and other Electrical installations

Building & Outdoor Products

Twinstar manufactures once-off bespoke products for building and outdoor areas .

Non Standard Bollards, Copings, Pier Caps, Entrance Sign Structures, Floating Steps, Umbrella Stands, Mop Basins, Custom Tree Rings, Recreation Facility Braai Stands, Park Benches, Industrial Studio Counter Tops, Gutter Shoes

Kerb Inlet & Road Products

Various Standard & non-standard kerb inlets are available. We manufacture kerb inlet slabs according to various City Council and Roads Agency specifications.

Pedestrian Ramp Blocks & Pavement Tree Rings

We manufacture pedestrian ramp blocks and pavement tree rings.


Polymer Products

Polymer concrete products contain no metal components, therefore eliminating the risk of theft.

Polymer Concrete manhole lids and frames & gratings can be used in leu of Cast Iron or Ductile Iron in high risk theft areas.

Mining Solutions

As the mining industry has it’s own challenges, we offer solutions to assist in solving various problems with precast concrete.

With us everything is cast in Concrete — but solving construction problems with it is our forte!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other branches?

No, our only branch is in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng

Can I order only one item?

Yes, we accept any number of orders. Even once off items.

Can I order only one custom product?

Yes, we are ready to handle any custom order. 

Can I get a quote?

E-Mail your request with drawings or dimensions to us. Please include company detail quantity required and delivery address in your request.

Can I order a custom product?

Yes. Twinstar specializes in custom precast concrete products. 

What is your lead time on orders?

Lead time depends on the product and quantity ordered and will be confirmed at quote stage.

Can I supply my own cast-in items?

Yes, you can supply lids, grids, vents etc for us to cast into you product.

Do you have card facilities for payment?

Unfortunately we do not have card facilities. We accept Cash, but prefer EFT payments

Are you registered on the Central Supplier Database?

Yes – Registration Number MAAA0946926

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(012) 670 9083


Unit 21, Hunky Dory Business Park
9 Goedehoop Avenue (M57)